In this Blog we will be looking at how bespoke storage solutions can change the way you live in your home.

Taking inspiration from Japan, Germany and Scandinavia, we will look at some ideas that will help make your home more harmonious.

Even the most awkward spaces can be turned into useful storage. Imagination is the only limit here!

If you’re considering moving house because your home isn’t big enough, it could be a much smarter and affordable move to re-think your space.


Storage Woes…..

Unless you’re a true minimalist, then most homes have some kind of clutter.

Whether it’s kids toys, camping gear, or just too many books, storage can make the clutter seemingly disappear.

Unsightly cleaning tools- mops, vacuum cleaners. Yes, they’re necessary, but they’re not really something we want on show.

Both modern and old houses do tend to have been or are being built with a distinct lack of storage, and this can make living in them feel cramped and untidy.


Storage Solutions…..

Decluttering can also help you along your way. Using smaller boxes within cupboards can also help you feel more organised. Cupboards that have lots of things piled on top of each other just lead to stressful extraction of whatever it is you wanted out of there!

Once you have sourced your space, then getting a professional designer to come in and turn your ideas into drawings, is the best way to go.

They will help you think of the best colours and designs to use – are you making a statement, or do you want the storage to blend in more seamlessly? What kind of hanging/shelving space do you need? The devil, as they say, is in the detail.


Let Your Imagination Run Free……

So take a look at your home, and see where you could find the extra space. Under the stairs, loft space, awkward corners, and irregular room shapes have so much potential when it comes to our storage wars!

Here are a few of our favourites…..

Under Stairs Storage Inspiration Monarch Fitted Bedrooms

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