Some say a house isn’t a home unless it’s filled with books.

Chances are that like many of us you have been given a book for Christmas, or received a book token from a friend or relative which we will gladly add to our home library collection after reading…and over the years amass quite a collection.  Every so often those books may get  recycled or given to charity but what about all the cookbooks and non-fiction books that you will refer to time and again or simply those books you just love to read over again…?

If you’re an avid reader, you most definitely have a bookcase in your home somewhere, and it’s probably stuffed full to bursting and sagging under the ever increasing weight. But…

Book shelves don’t have to be just for books…

Bookcases, bookshelves when filled with photographs, trinkets, memorabilia as well as the books you love to read, can add enormous character and interest to a plain living room, family room, home office or just about any place in the home you can think of.



Here at Monarch Bedrooms we can custom build floor to ceiling shelving for you or incorporate cupboards and drawers into the design as well, like this customer’s shelving/cupboard unit.




Of course not only can we design and manufacture them for straight walls, but can take them over a doorway, round a corner or even angle them if you have a sloping ceiling.

One of the great things about book storage- books make for superb sound absorbers?  So building a full wall bookcase in your family room for instance, will not only look great, but will house things like treasured framed family photographs, the kids football trophies, a sculptural piece, a beautiful bowl as well as all the books your family love to read and will absorb sound and stop it travelling into the dining room next door.
Nothing starts a conversation better than a bookshelf.
So if a built-in bookcase is something you’re dreaming about this year,  give us a call on 0800 048 8550 and we’ll pop out and design it for you.

With colours available from a simple white right through to our very popular ‘Hacienda Black’ you’ll be sure to find the shade that’s perfect for your room.

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