Whether your home office is for office work or school work, it’s important that you feel comfortable in your home office. A good office provides a positive but relaxed environment that can boost productivity and help you keep that stress down.  Here at Monarch Bedrooms, we are experts in tailoring your home office to fit your particular needs.

One of the greatest advantages of fitted furniture is its flexibility.  We can make the most of your space, fitting a fully functioning office into a smaller room.  This office even has a drop-down bed!



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Keep your workspace organised with clever features, such as a keyboard tray.  With a made-to-measure office, every aspect can be designed to fit your needs to keep everything tidy and in its place which can improve both your efficiency and your mood.

Another huge benefit to having your office furniture custom-designed is you get to decide how everything looks, from the colour and finish to the style and shape.
This angled desktop makes full use of the space in this office, making it unique to your room specifications, utilising space that may have normally been lost.


Home Office (3)



So if you’re looking for an office that fits around you and your specific needs, then please feel free to visit one of your local showrooms and discuss various options with our showroom staff or book an appointment with one of our experienced designers for a free, no obligation design and quote, and see what we can do for you…


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