Psychology of Colour



Did you know that the colour of your bedroom can affect your mood? There are colours that can sooth, energise, and even boost productivity, so when decorating your bedroom it’s very important to consider what sort of mood you want to encourage. Here at Monarch Bedrooms, our wide range of colours in glass and wood finishes, allows you to find furniture to match whatever palette you want for your bedroom.

Fitted furniture is a little special as it really is part of your room. It’s going to be with you for years and years, so it’s important to choose your colours wisely. As a general rule, light colours make a room seem bigger and more open, while dark colours make a room richer and cosier and a combination of colours can give you the balance you may be looking for.
NeutralNeutral colours – Black, White, Cream, Grey, and Brown – have the flexibility to work with a range of palettes, and provide a solid base for your bedroom if you want to focus on bringing in the colour with your soft furnishings, perfect for if you like to change up the colours of your room either with the seasons or just for a regular change of pace. Sticking to monochromatic colours can also make your bedroom look stylish and modern, and adding a splash of colour really adds some flare. Black especially is a great way to enhance colour, but be careful about using too much without something brighter to balance it out.Red



Reds are energising and stimulating. Darker, more muted hues can be rich, warm, and elegant while lighter shades can be more tranquil.







Brighter yellows can be cheery and uplifting and can provide a good alternative to the neural tones of whites and creams. Whereas taking your yellow to a darker shade of mustard yellow, can make your room look more moody and boutique style, a popular choice in home bedroom decor and combines well with grey furniture.







Blues are soothing, calming, and can boost productivity, but can also make a room seem chilly. We recommend that if you do wish to use a lighter Blue for your main colour, balance it out with soft furnishings in warmer colours. To get the best out of a Blue-based colour palette, try warmer, richer, or brighter shades.








Green, like Blue, is a restful colour, promoting stress-relief and relaxation, but has the warmth and cheeriness of Yellow, making it a great colour for your bedroom.









Purple is rich, sophisticated, and luxurious. Darker shades look bold and dramatic, and lighter hues can have the same soothing qualities of Blue without the chilliness.



Of course all of these are only very basic colours – each with an uncountable number of shades in between that can inspire a subtly different feeling.

So what will you choose?

Will your wardrobes add a bold splash of colour on a neutral backdrop with glass or gloss? What about a dark, rich wood? Or maybe a light, airy one?  Maybe even a more neutral tone that complements almost any palette you choose? And there’s nothing stopping you from having a mix of both glass and wood in our range of sliding and hinged doors. Tie your room together with a complete set of matching wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables and dressing table with matching stool, all made-to-measure and of the highest quality with Monarch Bedrooms.

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