None of us relish the idea of ageing, and whilst we can’t avoid it all together, there are some amazing anti ageing tips and products out there that have scientifically been proven to reduce, and even reverse the dreaded wrinkles. Whether you’re in your twenties or seventies, it’s never too early or too late to start.


So let’s begin!


Anti Ageing tip #1 -Two golden rules


Two sets of rules are known by the beauty insiders; use a Retinoid nightly (the vitamin A derivatives stimulate collagen, fight wrinkles and halt acne), and wear a high factor sunscreen daily.

The sunscreen needs to be at least  four star rated, which also protects you from UVA (the wrinkle causer!)

If your budget is big……

If your budget is more modest….


Good Value four star sunscreen….


Anti Ageing Tip #2 – Sleep On Your Back…..


Sleep wrinkles are caused when your face is compressed against a pillow, so try and sleep on your back which will not only fight the wrinkles but you give you a better back alignment. Winning all round!



 Anti Ageing tip #3 – Layer Your Products


You don’t have to just use one product – you can layer them, but make sure you use them in the correct order.

Start with your eye cream, as this will protect this delicate area from any irritation that can be caused by the layered products.

Then move onto your serums. Allow each one to dry into the skin before applying the next. As these tend to be super light weight, don’t worry about using multiple serums. They all have different benefits needed by the skin.

Finally apply (in the Am) sunscreen (at least factor 30) and in the evening a Retinoid.


Anti Ageing Tip #4 – Beat The Eye Bags


If you suffer from the dreaded eye bags, then try cutting down on your salt intake, drink lots of water and consider whether your diet make be making a contributing factor. Wheat, dairy and alcohol can all cause irritation.


Anti Ageing Tip #5 – Hylauronic Acid


This product is an absolute must have. Many different brands produce this for many different budgets. Hylauronic acid smooths your wrinkles, tightens the skin and is a fantastic everyday product for giving your skin a more youthful appearance. Yay!

On a budget….

No budget!


Anti Ageing Tip #6 – Peeling For Success


They may sound a little scary (some of them look a little scary too!) but peels are a fantastic way to remove dead skin cells, reflect more light and give your skin a brighter more youthful appearance. Use once a week and always make sure you use sunscreen.

Happy peeling!

Blow the budget….

On a Shoestring….


Anti ageing really isn’t about filling your bathroom cabinet with endless expensive products. It’s really about choosing the correct ones. There are thousands of products that make big claims, but the ones that really work and make a difference are listed above. It’s up to you whether you spend a fiver or fifty pounds on each product, but make sure that they contain the magic ingredients; do you research and join the anti ageing fight!

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