With Summer speedily fading away, this week we take a look at the top autumn tips for your garden to keep it looking great during the colder months, and how to prepare for the Spring!


Autumn Tip #1 Dig Up Annual Plants


Poppies, Snapdragons and sweet peas should ideally be dug up as they generally are not hardy enough to survive the winter months. Make more use of them by adding them to your compost pile.



Autumn Tip #2 Winter Colour


Once The beautiful reds and oranges of autumn wash and blow away, you may find your garden looks a little (or a lot!) drab. Add some pops of colour with Pansies, Heather’s, Cyclamen and Snow Drops to restore some balance. Add them to your window boxes or hanging baskets to bring some welcome colour.


Autumn Tip #3 Fertilise Your Lawn


This summer in particular will have tested your lawn to its limits. The hot and dry weather coupled with paddling pools, BBQ’s and summer games will have taken its toll.

Begin by raking the lawn, then fork to aerate and then finally apply well rotted compost, loam and sand.


Autumn Tip #4 Weeding


Yes, we all hate the weeds. But take care of them now, and once Spring arrives, you won’t be faced with a little shop of horrors type takeover of your garden!

A combination of weed killer and hard work will ensure a weed free (ish) Spring.


Autumn Tip #5 Cut Back The Perennials


The heroes of the garden – they stick with you through thick and thin, but make sure to trim them back to avoid them completely taking over your garden.


Autumn Tip #6 Tree Protection


Lots of people use polythene to wrap their less hardy trees to prevent them from rotting in the winter.

You can also use fleece, straw, bracken and hessian to protect the roots.


Autumn Tip #7 Compost and Mulch


Lay down a few inches of compost to protect your plants from hard frosts.

The compost is also good for wildlife, providing them with much needed nutrients in the colder months.


Autumn Tip #8 Sow Your Sweet Peas


Out with the old and in with the new. You may have composted this summer’s sweet peas, but now it’s time to also take care of next years. Sow some sweet peas in a frame now, ad by the time next year comes, you will have big and strong plants, ready to provide with amazing colour and scent later in the year.




The winter months can be hard on all of us, including our gardens. Often it’s the thought of spring that gets us through the tougher times. By prepping your garden now and adding some colour with winter blooms, you can help banish those winter blues and enjoy your garden all year round.


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