Want to make your bedroom look bigger? Here are a few little tips to help you achieve just that…

Light colours and colour cohesion: Using light colours for decorating and furniture makes a room feel light and airy, and using shades of the same colour for your furnishings can make a room look more open.

Here are just a few lighter colours that Monarch have to offer…

light colours light colours 2



















Mirrors:  Having a large mirror reflects your space and makes your room look bigger as a result. Mirrors placed across from windows reflect the light, and mirrors strategically tucked behind furniture gives the subtle illusion of a bigger room. Mirrored sliding doors in your bedroom are a great way to achieve the look of a bigger space, and useful for checking out your outfit!

Mirror'd furniture













Decorating your ceiling:  Painting or wallpapering the ceiling of your room can make it look taller, but try to avoid darker colours as this can negate the effect.

Strategic shelving: Put shelving close to the ceiling to draw the eye upward. Like decorating your ceiling, this makes your room look taller, and makes the most of storage space that could be otherwise wasted.

Large and sparse: Larger, fewer pieces of ornaments, will make your room seem bigger and more open, while more smaller pieces can make it look cluttered. Be careful not to pick items that are too large though, as this could make it look too big for your room and make the space appear cramped.

Stripes: Just like wearing horizontal stripes on clothes can make you look taller, so stripes can make your room look longer. Try getting a striped rug, and make sure to arrange it so the stripes are running the longest length of the room to help the illusion.

Artful arranging: Arranging your shelves by size, colour, or type, can make groups of items appear smaller and more streamline.

Windows: Leave your windows unobstructed to let in more light to give your room some depth. For some privacy, go for blinds and shades instead of curtains, which can make your room look more cluttered.

Artwork: Large pieces of bold, dramatic artwork on your walls can make your room look expansive (and stylish).

Lighting: Instead of harsh overhead lighting, try using small lamps to illuminate your room. The multiple light sources will draw the eye around the space and make your room look bigger. Furniture lighting is also a great way to achieve this and with quite a few options available from Monarch Bedrooms, we can help you achieve a beautifully lit room.

furniture lighting
















Simplicity: Above all, keep it simple. Trying to do too much to make your room feel bigger may just end up making it feel, cluttered, cramped, and smaller than before.


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