In the U.S. apparently House Builders are phasing the term ‘Master Bedroom’ out, opting to use the term ‘Owner’s Bedroom’ or ‘Owner’s Suite’ to describe the largest bedroom in the pages of their glossy sales brochures, and floor plans.

Wikipedia says that a bedroom is a room of a house or apartment where people sleep. The Oxford Dictionary agrees with this, simply putting it as bedroom, a room for sleeping in.  Well, we think Wikipedia and the Oxford Dictionary might soon have to revise their entries, as the bedroom is definitely no longer just a room for sleeping in. There’s no doubt about it, bedrooms are becoming much more grand. We all lead such busy lives, that it seems when we come home we want to relax in a multi-functional room, where we can watch TV or a good film, read, listen to music, exercise or carry on working even. Our bedrooms are a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while, and why not!

Bedroom, Master Bedroom or Owner’s Suite, whatever you want to call yours, we hope it’s always your very own haven of peace, calm and restfulness.

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