Don’t Forget About Bedroom Lighting…
If planning to give your bedroom a makeover and you’re starting completely from scratch with brand new fitted wardrobes, carpets, curtains and decor, don’t forget about the lighting whatever you do.  Think about the lighting at the initial planning stage, or regret that you didn’t later.  Lighting is a very important element to really bring a room together, and there should be many different layers of lighting if you like, to really create a magical, relaxing space.  By layers we mean things like:



Reading Lights
Centre Lights
Under Bridge Lights
Plinth Lights
Pelmet Lights
Interior Wardrobe Lights
Mirror Lights
Dimmable Lights
Floor Lamps
Wall Lights




Flecto LED Reading Light Fixes simply to the bedhead. Length 190mm

We have particular lights for particular tasks that get the job done better, or that create the right atmosphere.  Bedrooms have become multi-functional rooms, so relaxing in front of the television might require just a couple of small lamps to be on.  Applying makeup will require a brighter and more specific light, like a mirror light.  If reading, then a more direct task light aimed straight onto the page will stop you straining your eyes.  These are all important considerations.

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Here at Monarch Bedrooms, we can advise and help you with some of the lighting issues you might have when planning out your brand new bedroom.  Everything you need to light up your wardrobes from plinth and pelmet lights to drawer and rail lights.  Mains or battery operated, you can be sure we’ll have something that will fit the bill perfectly.






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