Lighting is an incredibly important part of any home. Done wrong, and you can feel as though you are living in a cold and stark environment. Let our guide to lighting trends for 2019 give you some inspiration for any room in your house.

Lighting Trend #1 Giant Shades

With ceilings becoming quite the statement (see earlier blog, statement ceilings) focus, what better way to complement your ceiling than with an oversized shade? It really is a case of, the bigger the better. Obviously, beware of the ceiling height in your home, but oversized shades are a great way of making a bold statement without doing anything permanent.

Lighting Trend #2 Wicker Wonders


This year we will see a return of natural materials when it comes to lighting. Wicker is the current hot favourite; it adds a bit of natural warmth to any room and is great as a ceiling shade, or for giving energy to an old lamp base.

Lighting Trend #3 Sculptural Sensations


Really looking to give your ceiling the attention it desires?! Then think about going sculptural. A perfect juxtaposition to beautiful cornicing, the modernity of a sculptural light fitting can transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even your bathroom!

Lighting Trend #4 Brass Beauties


Brass is the material of 2019. Brass is popping up all over; from bathroom taps to door knobs, trust us, you will want some brass in your life. Sculptural brass shades are very beautiful, or if you’re not so bold, go for simple and elegant. If you enjoy hunting for authentic pieces, try antique centres, or you can go brand new if that’s not your thing.  We love this lamp from House of Hackney.

So whatever your preference is, lighting is a really important aspect to any home. It can be transformative, and can be an inexpensive way to add some new rigour to your home. Monarch bedrooms recognise the importance of lighting, and we offer various lighting to compliment the wardrobes in your home. Check out to see the ranges in full, or have one of our designers come out to your home to personalise a look for you.

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