Pantone Colour Predictions 2019


The Pantone Colour Institute, the consultancy behind the Colour of The Year, has picked 72 colours in eight colour palettes that they predict will be everywhere in homes in 2019.

So what’s in store?

Good news for those of you who have the blues with the greys. Colour is back with a vengeance. Out with colour minimalism and in with maximalist heaven!


Two of the palettes they’ve highlighted are “Cravings” and “Classico,” which come from opposite sides of the colour spectrum.

The shades in “Cravings” are meant to tempt the eye “as well as the taste buds with spicy reds, sweet flamingo orange and rich purples.” Allusions to ‘fetish foods,” such as peppers and chocolate, are tempered by the warmth a neutral Cappuccino shade and a grassy green shade.


The hues of “Classico” skew more elegant with a nod to style fundamentals. This is the palette where “a graceful swan white” and shades of camel pair perfectly with deep teals, grey flannels, burgundy reds, and caviar blacks.


So whatever your tastes, there are some amazing colour choices featuring in 2019.

To check the full list of colours chosen or buy the full-colour book, click here.

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Happy decorating!


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