Houseplants are hot right now.

According to Pinterest, saves for ‘patterned plants’ are up by 500%.


Accessorizing Your Home With Plant Life

Plants don’t just look great, they are also fantastic for your health. Get yourself a snake plant, not only does it have the much sought after patterned leaves, but it also purifies your air for you. Nasa has said that it is one of the best air purifying plants around as it clears all the nasty toxins in your room. Might be worth investing in a couple of those….


The houseplant resurgence began with cacti, and succulents became a big hit, and now plants with large leaves and bright patterns are not only in our homes but also on our wallpaper, fabrics and terracotta pots as we become fanatical for flora!


There is even a designated hashtag to lovers of multiple plants, named #allmyplantsononething it’s a chance for people to showcase their growing plant collections.

There’s some great inspiration on there, that is if you aren’t going for the minimalist look….


The Great Eight…..

We have formulated a list of the most popular plants right now, with a little bit of guidance about how to keep them alive, for those of you who aren’t quite so green fingered!

The Monstera

This guy thrives in humidity, so would make an exotic style statement in your bathroom.

The Snake Plant

Yes, this is the great air purifying snake plant. Looks pretty fabulous, and would love to live in your bedroom.


The Air Plant

Yes, they’re real… Nor do they need soil, so get creative! Fully soak in water once a week, and mist in between to keep them happy.


Devil’s Ivy

This is an indoor climbing plant. Give it a ladder and it will climb all over your walls, cheeky devil. A stunning bathroom plant.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

No, not the cat. Although he’s pretty cute. The fiddle leaf will need turning weekly to ensure even growth. This guy will tend to lean towards the light.


Rubber Tree Plant

Find this one a good home, then never move it again. These ones are a little fussy about being moved between warm and cool air.



Ahhhh, succulents. My absolute favourite. Make sure you avoid root rot by only watering them when the soil is dry.


Staghorn Fern

This is for the art inspired people out there. It doesn’t need soil, so you can mount it, and have it as an installation in your home!


Ready To Accessorize?

This is obviously just a few examples of the many fantastic houseplants available, but if you want to improve your aesthetics, boost your well being and purify your air? Then put some plant life into your home!


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