Sliding Wardrobes with Integrated TV Panel

We’re finding more and more people wanting their bedrooms to be multi-functional.  Somewhere not only to sleep and rest in, but also to serve a place to work in, to exercise in, and maybe a room to escape to for an hour or two to watch TV or a DVD. However, we appreciate that not all bedrooms ooze space on a palatial scale, and finding a place to put everything we need to accommodate can be tricky.

Televisions are one of those items most of us have now in our bedrooms, and after the wardrobes and the bed have gone in, just where do you put it? Well here’s one idea for you. It’s a sliding wardrobe with an integrated TV panel.

The television can be set behind black glass or mirror sections of a sliding door, and is available in a choice of two sizes (26 inches or 37 inches).

Pictured above is a 3-door sliding wardrobe in Cassino Ash & Black Glass.

So here’s the technical bit…

-High resolution 26” LCD TFT screen.
-Built-in European digital tuner & pal tuner
-Digital TV and Digital Radio
-Bluetooth Connectivity
-Connects to separate ceiling speakers or behind glass speakers
-Remote Control
-Screen size – 571mm x 319mm
-Installation width – 635mm
-Behind Glass Speakers
37” TV Panel

-High resolution 37” LED high brightness screen.
-Input connections HDMI, DVI, VGA, Composite, Component, RS232, Speaker Out.
Connects to separate ceiling speakers or behind glass speakers.
-Remote Control
-Screen size – 816mm x 456mm
-Installation width – 902mm
-Behind Glass Speakers

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