Elle Shenton, textile designer from Cheshire, provides us with an insight into bedding trends for this Spring/Summer…

Spring-Summer / 2016

The trend towards healthier and more sensible living has been a feature of the bedroom for a long time. Refreshing sleep is becoming more and more important, entirely in line with the motto: “Sleep better – live better”. Blankets and throws have established themselves as a fashionable accessory within the home.

Garden – Indoors

Florals – Botanical prints are huge this season, whether blurred florals or watercolours and hand-painted looks, floral works in every home.

Textured prints, simple prints, and delicate patterns are also the order of the day when it comes to trends in bed linen. Particularly in demand are travel-inspired ‘craft’ designs – layering pieces to bring depth of style and texture, combining weaving, beading embellishing, and printing.

Another major area of interest is digital printing. With well-defined contrasts and brilliant colours, with floral being key, has become particularly fashionable with regards to bed linen.

Modern Tribe:

Modern Tribe



Taking influence from ‘global’ design, Aztec patterns, strong paisleys, and blurred motifs, with colours ranging from burnt oranges and reds, through to teals and dark blue.






Blurred Out:

Blurred Out


Blurred and watercolour silk prints on fashion for bedding provide a soft, hand-drawn look, featuring aquas, teals, pinks and purples, on the greyed, airlifted side of pastels.







Vintage Revival:

Vintage Revival

Taking the vintage look to another level, colours are bright with posy florals mixed with fun, nostalgic patterns. Mix and match same colour groups for a bold look, and incorporate craft elements with strong colours and geometric Mexican influences.









Another tribal / geometric style. Ombré dip-dyed prints and textures produce a bold print and tactile product. Fabric has an aged look about it and designs feature feathers and animals with an Indonesian influence. Colours for this look are monochrome and greys with lime and burnt orange for accent colours.







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