The Teenage Bedroom:

The Teenage Bedroom

Choosing fitted furniture for a teenager’s room can be a daunting task. Between childhood and adulthood, a teenager needs a room that is more sophisticated than a child’s room but still unrestrained by adult tastes. A teen’s bedroom also needs to be versatile as it takes on more roles than simply being a place to sleep – becoming their own private space to study, relax, and hang out with their friends – so it’s important for a teenager to have some control over that space, allowing them the freedom and confidence to express themselves.

While adults tend towards neutral colours and children gravitate to bright colours, teenagers are somewhere in the middle with tastes that may lean more in the direction of bold colours with sleek monochromatic neutrals thrown in – styles that are mature but maintain some fun and vibrancy. Creativity and a sense of uniqueness are both very important to a developing teen, and allowing them to choose their own furniture will give them a chance to really make their bedroom their own as they begin exploring their independence. Two main ways of incorporating this into furniture selection is either bringing the bold colours into the furniture itself, or to use it as a neutral backdrop to add colours to a room with soft furnishings.

Teenagers are renowned for having an abundance of things that need plenty of storage, from study books to music and hobby items, but this is where we can offer insight and experience when helping your teen choose fitted furniture. Making the most of their space and clever storage solutions will help them keep their space from getting too messy – hopefully with minimum effort to keep tidy! – while making them feel that their room is both functional and personal.

Here at Monarch Bedrooms, we specialise in storage solutions and have a huge range of wood and glass finishes that will allow you and your teenage to pick the perfect combination for high-quality and made-to-measure furniture that your teen will love for years to come.


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