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So here you are, you’ve decided you need more storage in your bedroom, because let’s face it, if Next has another sale, any time soon, those free-standing wardrobes are just going to collapse in on themselves. Or perhaps the kid’s toys have taken over the floor in their bedrooms, and you just can’t keep tripping over all the books and bits of Lego. It’s time to take action and do something about it. But how do you choose between sliding and hinged fitted furniture?

Some people who come into our showrooms know exactly what it is they’re looking for. They know they would like two double wardrobes, two bedside tables a bridging unit and a dressing table and they possibly know in what colour and with what handles. Other people however, don’t know where to begin and that’s okay too as we’re experienced in providing the best possible advice.

Both our great choices, but offer their own benefits and you may find one may be more suitable to your room and lifestyle than the other….

Sliding Wardrobes:

  • Great fit for those rooms with slightly less floor space as they don’t require the floor space a hinged door would to swing open.
  • Can provide an ultra modern look to your room.
  • Wide range of colour styling, with endless choice of glass or wood finishes, or a combination of both.
  • Multiple use- so can also be used a room divider.
  • Mirrored sliding doors are notorious for making the room feel bigger.
  • Maximum internal storage as tend to be fitted straight to the wall, with no backs or bottoms required, but if you want these, no problem!
  • Perfect for sloping ceilings or areas that are more awkward in shape.
  • The depth of a sliding wardrobe can be further reduced simply by changing around the way the clothes hang.
  • Available with sliding TV panels set behind black glass or mirror sections of your door.

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Hinged Doors:

Our hinged door fitted wardrobes are truly bespoke, and made especially for you.

We don’t do standard door sizes unlike many of our larger competitors, so we really can get the look you want, whatever shape your room may be.

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So if hinged may be a consideration, let’s take a look at what they have to offer…

  • Provide multiple design options with over 15 different door styles in our Richmond range, from contemporary to classic as well as different door styles in our Oxford and Windsor range.
  • Can allow for more intricate door styling in terms of smaller glass inserts to create feature doors.
    Provides different design options in terms of furniture layout, such as L-shaped designs and bridging units.
  • Access to your internal wardrobe is increased as all doors can be opened at one given time.
  • Finishing touches, such as handles can be added to further style your furniture.

…and if you’re still unsure which option to go for, then why not mix it up and combine sliding with hinged?


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We hope that this has given you a few ideas to help you decide which type of wardrobe may be more suitable and if you still unsure, just book in with our expert designer for your free design and quotation and we’ll provide you with all the advice you need based on your space.
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