Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2016…

It seems that many interior design trends for 2016 will be taking their cue from the fashion industry more than ever before this year. After quite a lot of research and digging around, we’ve assembled our top 10 list of the biggest design trends we’ll all be seeing a lot of in homes this year.
Starting with number 10 and counting down, see if you can guess what number 1 will be.

10.  Comfy up your bathroom with flowers and squashy armchairs. If your bathroom is big enough we’ll be seeing this space made more friendly and comfortable with plants, flowers and big cosy chairs.
9.  Get yourself a new desk in 2016. Apparently we are all going to be yearning for a desk of our own, no longer content to sit with the laptop on our knee.
8.  Tech-Less living rooms. Traditional, quality family time is what’s required this year, and as such our family rooms, living rooms, whatever you call yours, will be free from cables, mobiles, laptops, ipads and all that sort of digital paraphernalia. We want rooms to sit, chat and play as a family together. Like that one!
7.  Heated hallway floors – No longer limited to bathrooms and kitchens, we want to welcome home the family with warm feet after a day at school or work.
6.  Fireplaces, are up front and centre once again.
5.  Formal dining rooms are back. Instead of converting the dining room into an office or second lounge as has been the case in recent years we’re going to be opting for glamorous, sophisticated and theatrical dining rooms where we can entertain friends and family.
4.  Mismatched cabinets in kitchens in light wood tones like walnuts, white oak and whitewashed woods. Pair two different cabinet styles together for added interest, have the upper cabinets in a wood tone and the lower ones in white or neutral colour. Use lots of textures in your kitchen from tile, wood, slate, brick, metal and black stainless steel. It’s all about texture, so really mix it up this year to be bang on trend.


3.  Statement mirrors in bathrooms. Say goodbye to the plain 8” x 10” rectangular piece of mirror normally seen in bathrooms, and hello to a big, dramatic and glam mirror instead.

mirror 1
mirror 3mirror 2




mirror text




2.  Bold florals, exotic palms, jungle prints and clashing colours will be used for cushions, bed linens, rugs, curtains and upholstery fabrics.
1.  Mixed metals. Bling it up, mix and match your metals from gold, silver, copper and bronze. Anything with a metallic sheen will be right on trend this year from wallpaper and lamps to curtains, paint and rugs.
So there we have it, our top 10 tips for decorating your home this year.

We think it all sounds rather glamorous – love it! ?

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