Looking to go on a city break? Fed up of following the crowds and taking  the well trodden routes of others?

Then check out our top 5 alternative city break destinations.


Hello Hamburg, bye bye Berlin


A fantastic port city, and lesser known brother of Berlin

An absolute must for an alternative city break.

Wander around the canals, and check out the amazing Elbphilharmonie concert hall. A marvel of a building, which you can go up and look at the amazing views from, for free.

Another must see is miniatur wunderland, the worlds largest model  exhibition. Homepage | Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Old Speicherstadt in Hamburg illuminated at night.


Majestic Marseille instead of same old St Tropez


Marseille is a dramatically beautiful city. Hard to believe it doesn’t have the same pull as St Tropez or Cannes, but embrace the fact that it’s less touristy and take a walk up the steep cobbled streets.

Get yourself a bowl of Bouillabaisse Chez Fonfon, spécialités de poissons et bouillabaisse the city’s most famous dish.

If you’re planning a summer visit, then enjoy the weather – the average summer temperature is 21℃. Bliss!

For alternative city break lovers, this will be right up your cobbled street!


Later Lisbon, Pronto Porto


Home of Port, this beautiful city is an absolute delight for the city break enthusiasts.

Ribeira is the medieval heart of the city. Make sure to check out the colourful and impossibly narrow houses and shops.

Take the water taxi across the Douro and sample some Port in the many distilleries. http://blog.winetourismportugal.com/10-wine-tours-you-cant-miss-in-porto

If you desire a day at the beach then you’re in luck; Porto is located on the coast, and there are some lovely beaches to frequent. A word of warning though; the Atlantic is a little chilly!


Bored of Barcelona? Get yourself to Great Girona


Often overlooked for it’s bigger sister, Barcelona, Girona is a city well worth seeing.

Nestled in the Costa Brava, Girona is the second largest city in Catalonia.

It’s an ancient walled city. Full of eclectic architecture and dominated by the Cathedral perched at the top of winding streets.

A must see is the award winning cinema museum. Lots to entertain both adults and children alike.http://www.museudelcinema.cat/cat/index.php


Doviđenja (That’s goodbye in Croatian) Dubrovnik, zdravo (That’s hello in Croatian) Split!


Ok, so Dubrovnik has the whole Game of Thrones thing going on, but Split has so many other ways to charm you.

Much less touristy but just as beautiful, it has the fantastic old town to explore, with Roman Ruins aplenty. Take a walking tour to truly get the most out of your visit. https://www.sirena-booking.hr/

Many day trips to quiet and unspoiled beaches are also available from the city.


Flights from the UK to all of the above cities are available from many regional airports.

Check out Official Ryanair website | Book direct for the lowest fares | Ryanair.com

And easyJet.com: Home for the best fares.


Happy alternative travels!



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